International Citizen Media Award 2012


Civic Involvement and
Solidarity between the Generations

More and more people achieve a high age. The demographic change resounds throughout the countries. How can one cope with this? Which challenges does it evoke?
Elderly people have experience of life, competence, knowledge and time. Very good requirements for civic involvement. There are numerous exemplary examples for dedicated hononary office works and volunteerism. Even a growing older Europe is full of chances! Therefore, 2012 was the official European Year of Active Aging and Solidarity between the Generations.

The media prize is especially interested in striking products showing how elderly people support youngsters and how youngsters campaign for elderly people. Common civic involvement is the key for solidarity between the the generations and the positive development of society in Europe.


An expert jury awarded the prizes in the following categories:

  • Video (individual product, short movie, movie in a television broadcast, video podcast etc.)
  • Audio (individual product, radio spot in a radio broadcast, podcast etc.)


The winners werde announced on the 29th of September 2012 in the Bürgerhaus Bennohaus.


“The Old Man”
by Ekaterina Terenicheva

watch the clip


“Getting Close”
by Adrian Lambert

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3rd place

by Paulina Jachimowicz

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by Christian Bonn

Additional media content

Recording of the 2012 award ceremony: