Delivering the product

There are several ways to deliver your product:

  • As Video DVD
  • As Audio CD (only applies to products in the category “Audio”)
  • As Mini DV tape or DVCAM tape
  • As File*, saved on one of the following storage devices: BluRay, DVD, CD, USB flash drive, SD card
  • Online via FTP download, WeTransfer, a filehoster or permanently available on a video portal (like YouTube)

*We accept all kinds of file formats, however, please be available for further inquiries in case of any difficulties.

Application form

In order to register for the International Citizen Media Award, you have to sign the application form and send it to us (if you contact us online, provive a scan of the signed form) – in one delivery with your product. Otherwise, your submission will be revoked.

PDF-Download Application form – 1543 KB, PDF (requires Adobe Reader)
doc-Download Application form – 75 KB, .doc (requires Microsoft Word or Open Office)

Contact details

Don’t forget to properly mark the storage device. In case you send it online, include all necessary information in the file name.

Required information
  • Your Name
  • Title of the product
  • Date of production
  • Category

Sending by post

Bürgerhaus Bennohaus
Keyword: ICMA 2017
Bennostraße 5
48155 Münster

Sending online

Including a download link to the product.